Keith has created a brand of yoga known as co-active yoga which joins together both the "being" and "doing" aspects of life into one. As a professionally certified yoga instructor, Keith fully embraces both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga into his wildly popular practices.

Committed to his craft, Keith has trained with the world's best, including Ted Grand and Jessica Robertson of Moksha Yoga International and also with the internationally celebrated, Seane Corn

Keith Macpherson leads participants through a yoga practice that integrates mind, body and soul. Keith will tailor the yoga class to the needs of the students and can teach various styles of yoga from beginner classes to advanced. Keith is trained to teach various styles of yoga including hatha yoga, vinyasa flow, power yoga, yin yoga and Moksha-inspired. Keith’s classes incorporate intention setting and mindfulness to deepen the experience and assist students in transforming on all levels of their being. 

Expected Outcomes: 

  • A heightened sense body and mind awareness.
  • De-stress and relaxation. 
  • Work-life balance. 
  • An understanding of the foundations and principles of yoga practice.
  • Mindfulness practice in action. 
  • Connection of breath awareness and body movement. 
  • A deeper sense of inner peace and presence. 


Keith Macpherson - Yoga Teacher in Winnipeg