Don't Die With The Music Still In You: Soak Up The Summer

“As soon as I finish up all the tasks on my to do list, I will take the time to relax”. How familiar does this statement sound? So often, we spend our lives deferring what it is that we truly want. We convince ourselves that all the pressing demands from the external world around us come before our own needs.  
As I find myself sitting here, in the middle of a beautiful summer day, August 4 to be exact, I look back over the last four weeks of July and realize that much of my time has been spent working, fulfilling all the tasks on my to do list and continually postponing my desire for self care and “me” time. Luckily, I am catching myself right now and realize that there is still four more weeks of August left to implement some self care time into my life. I am reminded of the quote I first heard reference by Dr. Wayne Dyer which stated, “Don’t Die with The Music Still In You”. He was referring to the inner, intuitive whispers that urge us to step outside of our regular routines and follow our deep, inner bliss. Unfortunately, for many of us, we neglect to listen to our inner intuition and instead, defer it by putting all the tasks of the daily grind ahead of the inner music that plays within our souls.
As many of you know, August 18-20 is our second annual I AM Festival. Based on my experience from last year’s festival and looking ahead to this year, I can tell you first hand, that this is a weekend experience that you are not going to want to miss. It has the opportunity to evoke that inner music that lives within you. It is an opportunity to put yourself first and step outside of all the excuses you have made for why you did not put yourself first. It is an opportunity to take a well-deserved break. The I AM Festival is an opportunity to re-connect with nature, summer and be surrounded by an incredible community, who share a very similar intention- one of rejuvenation, relaxation, wellness, self care and celebration. This is a time to take a break and truly put yourself first. It is an investment in yourself to honour the incredible work you have done this year and to re-energize. Whether it is learning how to paint, listening to some live music, taking a yoga class, immersing in a nature walk of solitude or learning some new ways to implement mindfulness and self care into your life, this Festival has an opportunity waiting for you to connect with. 
If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, I challenge you to take that leap, put yourself first and take a weekend this summer to practice some self care. Further to this, I encourage you to share this opportunity with your friends and those in your circle of friends that may also need a well-deserved weekend of self care and rejuvenation. The end result will be honoured by listening to the music within you and truly soaking up your summer at this year’s I AM Festival. I look forward to seeing you there!